me in 2009

When I had to leave my own pets at a kennel facility, I knew they would be lonely, but I didn’t realize how miserable they would be. When they finally came home with me, it took weeks for them to shake off the effects of being in a strange place with strange noises, strange people in and out, and the whole circumstance of being away from their own territory and comfort level. I decided then and there, that no animal should have to be caged up just because the humans were away! I founded FEATHER FIN & FUR in 1995, and have provided this in-home care service at a nominal charge ever since. I adore what I do for the Animals, and I have very happy clients!

Please scroll to bottom for photos of my fur loves and also pricing information.

 Questions or to reserve dates,

please email me at peacebear55@gmail.com

references upon request, always.

*Feather Fin & Fur: established in 1995 as a domestic pet care business in the city of Las Vegas, NV; having held a business license in the state of Florida, Flagler County, and was sponsored by the Saint John’s County Animal Rescue in Jacksonville, FL


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